Welcome to CampoSüd

What are our objectives and goals?

CampoSüd is an agricultural consulting company. We advise investors and owners of agricultural businesses in Argentina and Uruguay

  • in the management
  • on acquisition and sale
  • for renting or letting
  • and on other agricultural matters

Our aim is to provide our clients with comprehensive, sustainable and above all reliable services. As we invest ourselves and advise other investors in Argentina in this field for many years, we have extensive experience and competence in this area.

Where do we operate?

What does this region have to offer?

What does CampoSüd mean by "sustainable agriculture"?

How does CampoSüd proceed in the acquisition and sale of agricultural businesses?

Which additional advantages result from an administration through CampoSüd?

In which agricultural sectors is CampoSüd active?

Which references can CampoSüd refer to?