What do we mean by „Management of agricultural businesses“?

The scope of our management agreements is ultimately determined by the client. Regardless of the type of cooperation, the following basic principles are important for us:

  • Long-term approach: A sensible cooperation in this field must be intended for a long term; short-term thinking, especially in the agricultural field, is mostly counterproductive.
  • Daily communication: We are in daily contact with our clients and use all currently available means of communication for this.
  • Reporting system: The reports of the respective businesses are IT standardized and easily created by the local operations manager to be processed through our offices.
    Reporting scope and frequency depend on our client’s individual needs. Usual standard are manageable monthly and in-depth quarterly reports.
  • Local presence: Solid and good management is mainly conducted “on site“, at the individual business location and not “at the desk in Buenos Aires”, even though a reliable back office is essential. We consider it our obligation to visit our client’s estancias regularly, even unannounced, to speak with all members of the staff, and every party involved (suppliers, customers, neighbors etc.) in order to obtain a comprehensive picture.

Based on these principles a wide variety of cooperative forms are possible and also practiced by us.

  • Complete management: We undertake the entire management in every area (purchasing, human resource management, sales, daily accounting). Of course this includes the agricultural planning such as crop rotation, but also profitability calculations and the business reorientation, if necessary. In addition it is possible to include daily accounting, check issue etc., whereby we prepare the documents for respective auditors.
  • Agricultural controlling: In case our client already has a functioning administration, we are often consulted for advice, planning, conception and control of this administration. In that case we work hand in hand with the management and conduct regular, even unannounced, visits.
  • Controlling and accounting: We screen the financial flows of the respective business, whereby again the client determines the scope of our activity. It is possible to undertake the entire daily accounting of the business. In some cases the administration provides every document, in some cases documents exceeding a certain level, for verification and release.
  • Lease and rent: In case our client simply wants to own land in Argentina or Uruguay, but does not want to be involved in agricultural operations, and in particular not its risks, and nevertheless wants to earn a regular and secure revenue, we either help to find a suitable tenant or we act as tenant to manage the business under our own direction against the payment of a regular lease or rent.